Climbey VR

Climbey is an action VR game developed by Brian Lindenhof. Players can do anything that belongs to “climbing” in the game. In Climbey, players can not only perform conventional rock climbing, lateral side climbing and other actions, but more importantly, mix the elements of parkour. Players need to perform various extreme jumps after climbing to reach the next location. reach destination. The goal in this game is very simple, that is to keep climbing forward until reaching the end point, there will be various obstacles blocking the player along the way, and the player must pay attention to other players to avoid being caught They exceed.

Climbey VR Download

Climbey is a VR-only climbing game!

The goal is to climb to the finish as fast as you can, avoiding obstacles and trying not to fall along the way.

Climbey VR Game Features:

Physics-powered climbing and jumping controls that are easy to grasp but hard to master!

15 built in intro levels!

A level editor with full workshop support so you can create and share levels!

Climbey VR Gameplay

Online multiplayer with up to 10 people, including workshop level support! Race your friends!

Support for custom skyboxes! Set it to whatever you like!

Optional comfort settings for the motion sick prone among you, floor dots, fov reduction and a spherical cage, more!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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