VR Fishing at Lotus Lakes

This is a recreational and entertainment game that simulates fishing. Wearing a VR helmet, players can experience the fun of fishing anytime and anywhere. Players will enter the lake house and adjust the distance of the hook through the handle, enjoying the joy of obtaining trophies . You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lakeside cottage. The scoreboard also records the type of fishing and the corresponding value.

In this game, players will control their characters to go fishing. There are many scenes in the game. Each scene has different scenery and fish. You can enjoy the scenery around you while fishing, and the scoreboard will record it. The fish you catch and their corresponding value.

The lakeside cabins are surrounded by mountains, so you can enjoy fishing time comfortably, and you can also browse the beautiful scenery around you. The scoreboard also records the type and value of the fish you catch, so get a good harvest in the game.

The simulated scene is more realistic and the scenery is made more refined. You will see more beautiful scenery, enjoy the comfort of fishing, and relax yourself during the fishing process.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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