Slit Mouthed – 口裂け女

Slit Mouthed-口裂け女 is a horror game developed and released by Nyxtales. In the game, players will act as two night security guards in a building. They discover strange events in the building in the dead of night. This is for players. It is quite exciting, of course, there are also some plots in the game, which make the whole playing process more interesting.

Slit Mouthed – 口裂け女Gameplay

Slit Mouthed – 口裂け女 Game Background

Based on a famous Japanese urban legend called Kuchisake-Onna, we added our own unexpected plot twist while maintaining the authenticity of the legend. We believe you will like this game.

Slit Mouthed – 口裂け女 Download

Slit Mouthed – 口裂け女 Game Features

Multiple Endings.

Atmospheric environment.

Great storytelling.

Extremely Intelligent enemy AI.

Japanese Voice Acting (日本の声演).

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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