Crystal Raiders VR

Crystal Raiders VR – Enter the castles full of treasures and dangers. Choose your weapon to fight, avoid traps and solve puzzles to survive all the way through and to find the lost dwarven artefacts. Play alone or in co-op up to four players!

Crystal Raiders VR is a Virtual Reality action game taking place in magical dwarven castles. Complete challenging levels alone or in a party up to 4 players using your problem solving skills and cunning. Discover the pieces of the lost alchemist’s artifact and help the dwarves to repair the machine to save their home world.

Crystal Raiders VR Game

Crysta lRaiders VR is a multiplayer VR adventure game with action elements that supports online interaction of four players at the same time. In the game, players will play a combination of combat + puzzle solving, explore a medieval castle, and traverse 20 levels in a row. It is suitable for the experience of home users, “Everything in the game is free of violence and meets the standards of children’s games.

In addition, players can also customize the character styles, hairstyles, clothing and accessories in the game, and explore the treasures, cultural relics and various hidden weapons in the game. As players explore the castle in depth, they will find more Mystery item.

Crystal Raiders VR Download

In addition, in order to improve the player’s experience in multiplayer mode, this game is also compatible with the VR social platform “CampSquare”, through which players can communicate with other players at any starting point of the mission, and can participate in various game activities in time to compete for rankings.

With the weapon of your choice, crush the animated crystal guardians, reveal secrets and overcome various obstacles in unique hand crafted levels. All this while avoiding deadly traps and ambushes. Collect treasures and experience from each level to customize your weapon’s powers and the look of your character.

Crystal Raiders VR Gameplay

Crystal Raiders VR Game Features:

Hand crafted levels with increasing difficulty, hidden areas and treasures.

Challenging Boss encounters.

Co-op option up to 4 players.

Weapon upgrades.

Character customization.

Family friendly experience

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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