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Halo Infinite is a sci-fi background first-person shooter game developed by Microsoft Studios by 343 Studios. It is the official sequel to the classic Halo 5. The campaign part of this work will continue the story of the master chief in “Halo 5 “, but due to the open world setting and outpost control gameplay, it will bring players a brand new gameplay experience. In this game, players can see that the game’s screen has been greatly improved. For example, the game’s details are richer and more vivid, the material is more realistic, the lighting has also been significantly improved, the animation effect has also been improved, and the big map interface has been improved. Image, etc., will give players a better visual experience. In addition to the improvement of the screen, the game also brings a different plot story to the player. The game story tells the open environment of the battle taking place in the ancient halo world “Zeta Ring”. Explore the vast 07 base, from the formidable moun tain to the mysterious canyon at the bottom of the ring. Rescue UNSC Marines to gain reinforcements against the terrifying enemy exiles.

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Halo Infinite Game Features

Become the chief master

When all hopes are shattered and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, the chief is ready to face the most ruthless enemy. Put on the armor of the greatest hero of mankind, experience an epic adventure, and explore the huge belt.

Explore Zeta Belt

Halo Infinite provides the most extensive and adventurous halo battle to date. This battle took place in the open environment of the ancient halo world “Zetagirdle”. Explore the vast base 07, from terrifying mountains to mysterious canyons at the bottom of the belt. Rescue the Marine Corps of the UN Security Council to gain reinforcements against the terrifying enemy “exiles”.

Halo Infinite Game

Defeat the exile

After the Halo 5 incident. Soon after the rolling failure, the fragmented UN Security Council fleet was trapped on the surface of the damaged heavily 07 base. Amidst the ruins, a group of terrifying exiled barbaric soldiers wandered in this destroyed belt world. When the number of people and the number of weapons are almost the same, the chief must prevent the exiles from repairing the halo and controlling the greatest threat in the galaxy.

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Halo Infinite Gameplay

1. Battle

When all hopes are shattered and the destiny of mankind is at stake, the sergeant master is ready to face the most ruthless enemies, once again pick up the armor of the great hero, and embark on an epic adventure of exploring the aura.

2. Multiplayer games

The most famous multiplayer content of the Halo series, enjoy the fun of online games with other players.

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3. Forging

The most powerful content creation tool in Halo’s history is back, and it’s even more powerful than its predecessor.

4. Cross-age games

The official version of Halo Infinite Steam provides an amazing experience across Xbox One and the new generation of consoles and PCs. The screen has reached an astonishing level, and players can also enjoy powerful enhancements, such as 4K The shooting experience of 60 frames under the screen, and the seamless game content after greatly reducing the loading time.

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Halo Infinite weapon acquisition strategy

How to obtain the Halo Infinite weapon? Weapon acquisition is a very important thing for players when playing. Many players don’t know how to acquire weapons. Next, let’s introduce the Halo Infinite weapon acquisition strategy.

1. Players cannot configure their own weapon backpacks. Both parties have only one assault rifle or semi-automatic rifle at the beginning of the game. There will be pistols in some modes.

2. Other weapons and vehicles need to be found in the map before they can be used. Some powerful weapons need to wait for a fixed point to refresh.

3. Therefore, grabbing weapons is also a very important part, and skills need to be picked up by yourself, and the spreading rules are the same as weapons.

Halo Infinite Gameplay

How do novice players start the game?

How do players who are new to Halo Infinite start the game? Novice players often have various problems in the game. Many players don’t know how to start the game. Next, let’s briefly introduce the skills of novice players to start playing the game .

1. Qualifying has no level restrictions and can be played at any time, but it should be noted that single and double row and mixed row are two ranks and need to be distinguished.

2. It is currently not recommended for pure novices who have not been in contact with the Halo series to play ranked. There are many master players, and you will be beaten badly.

3. Newcomers can practice AI first. Microsoft’s AI is really strong. It is not the kind of enhanced dumb AI of other fps. It is simulating player behavior. The behavior of the most difficult AI is very close to low-intensity pvp.

Halo Infinite Gameplay

List of recommended weapons and equipment

Brand-new grappling hook: There will be a brand-new grappling hook in Halo Infinity, which changes the mechanics of the entire game. Now, you can use this grappling hook to swing to high places and make your actions more convenient. You can also use this grappling hook to grab props and items. The grappling hook can also be used in multiplayer mode, but the grappling hook in multiplayer mode will be changed.

Climbing: The Spartan climbing skills in Halo 5 are still valid.

Stamina Bar: The HP Stamina Bar returns.

Energy Shield: Beasts will now also have energy shields.

Warthog: Obviously, the warthog cannot be destroyed, but it may require fuel.

Grenades: Cruel grenades, sticky grenades and fragmentation grenades will all be retained.

Drop Wall: It is a defensive barrier, you can use it to unilaterally shoot at the enemy, but the enemy cannot hit you.

Shock equipment: The trailer shows the usage of this equipment, which can be used to stun all enemies within its range.

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Other weapons

1. Energy sword

2. BR55 combat rifle

3. Assault rifle

4. MK50 pistol

5. VK78 tactical rifle

6. “Saboteur” launcher

7. “Meat grinder” pistol

8. CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun

9. Pulse carbine

Halo Infinite game highlights

1. The brand-new game engine brings players a very good visual experience.

2. Cool game graphics, take you to explore new gameplay.

3. The plot story is fascinating, prepare to face a ruthless enemy.

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