Thunder Tier One

Thunder Tier One is a bird’s-eye shooting game. Players will play a member of the special forces in the background of the 90s of the last century. In cooperative mode, they will fight against terrorists in the Middle East with their teammates. This game is created by PUBG’s developer Blue Hole. It can bring players a very interesting cooperative adventure. When terrorists threaten the earth, you need to stand up and fight.

Thunder Tier One Gameplay

Thunder Tier One Game Settings

The story is set in the 90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is a real-style overhead shooting game. In the game, you will join an elite special operations force and be ordered to destroy a terrorist organization. The game includes a four-player cooperative mode or a single-player game with computer teammates. Players need to choose equipment carefully and use a wealth of tactics and skills to complete each action.

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Thunder Tier One plot battle

A terrorist organization called SBR launched a series of terrorist attacks against civilian targets in the Eastern European country Salobia. The Thunder troops were ordered to go to the country to find SBR leader Marko Antonov and stop his terrorist plan.

The game is mainly designed as a four-player cooperation mode. The campaign mode contains a total of nine missions. Players will fight in various scenarios. Teamwork and timely communication must be used to successfully complete each action.

In single player mode, players will be able to team up with 3 computer teammates, and they will react intelligently according to the situation faced by the team. You will also assume the role of captain and give various orders to each team member individually or to the entire team to ensure that they carry out your plan without compromise. Of course, you can decide how detailed you want to manage them.

Thunder Tier One Game Download

Custom weapons and equipment

You can decide for yourself what kind of equipment to bring into battle, and you can choose a variety of weapons and accessories, types and quantities of ammunition, armor, grenades and tools. You can even choose what kind of camouflage to use on your combat uniform. Of course, you can also customize your computer teammates in the same way. You have full control over what they use and carry.

What equipment you need to choose depends on your strategy for the mission. You can work closely with your teammates and use infrared sights, night vision devices, silencers and other equipment to sneak in secretly. Or choose the heaviest body armor, stuff your backpack with ammunition and grenades, and launch a frontal assault on the enemy with your gun. Just bring the right equipment to make sure you can complete the task.

Real gunfight

Thunder Tier One Gameplay

Thunder Tier One Game Features:

Thunder Tier One is different from the common top-down shooting games on the market. It is not just simply hiding behind a bunker and pointing the mouse at the enemy’s head. You must properly use your tactical knowledge and various weapons and equipment available for selection to achieve victory.

Each weapon has unique attributes, such as handling, rate of fire, muzzle velocity, effective range and accuracy, etc. The combination of these different characteristics and the different types of ammunition contained in the firearm will determine how accurate the shooting is, how much damage it causes to armored and unarmored units, whether the bullet can penetrate the bunker, and the damage and ballistic of the bullet. Wait. All of these factors will ultimately determine whether you can accomplish your mission goals efficiently.

Other PVP and PVE modes

Thunder Tier One contains four extremely challenging multiplayer game modes that can test your skills and strategy.

Evacuation mode: This is a four-on-four multiplayer game mode, in which the attacker needs to evacuate with the target within a certain time limit, while the defender needs to stop the opponent from evacuation by any means.

Position mode: This is a four-on-four multiplayer game mode, in which two teams will face each other, compete for multiple positions, and finally win.

Thunder Tier One Gameplay

Deathmatch mode: Classic free melee mode, supports up to 8 players.

Domination mode: This is a four-person team of PVE mode. The player team will race against time to capture a series of levels, dismantle bombs, and resist the enemy’s counterattack.

Full module support

When the game is officially released, a module production tool integrated with the Steam Workshop will be launched at the same time, allowing players to create new or modify existing tasks, weapons, computer teammate behavior, equipment, and various other content in the game.

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