Among the Zombies

Among the zombies is an action-adventure game developed and released by Enoops. In the game, as a survivor, the player uses his gun to protect himself in a city full of zombies and survive as much as possible. Of course, the danger of zombies Sex is obvious to all, players still need to be careful.

Among the zombies Download

Among the zombies Game Background

You must play as a survivor in a city full of zombies. These creatures used to be ordinary people like you, but because of the virus, they turned into terrible monsters, trying to destroy everything on their way. In order to survive, in order to leave this city, do whatever it takes! Use whatever you can to fight back against these creatures!

Among the zombies Gameplay

Among the zombies Game Features:

-Play a small battle in single player mode.

-Explore a new hostile world.

-Embark on an exciting journey!

-Interesting levels!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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