Lucky’s Tale

Virtual reality’s original mascot is back!

Lucky Swiftail is a brave fox on a quest to save his best friend Piggy from the monstrously tentacled Glorp. Together, you’ll run, jump, and climb your way through a bright, colorful world full of charming characters, boss battles, hundreds of secrets to discover, and exciting 3D platforming action. Become a hero and save the day in the groundbreaking game that launched a beloved franchise, now remastered for the Oculus Quest 2!

Lucky's Tale Gameplay

Run, jump, climb incredible heights, burrow deep underground, overcome enemies, and explore amazing worlds on an epic quest to rescue the Book of Ages!


Dive and target enemies, big bouncy objects, and more!


Burrow through the dirt to collect specific objects, and access certain areas.


Use Lucky’s bushy tail to swipe enemies, switches, and random objects.

The nefarious Jinx and his progeny, the Kitty Litter, along with Lucky are consumed by the power of the Book of Ages.

To protect the Book of Ages, Lucky must collect all of the missing pages that have been scattered across various worlds.

Lucky's Tale VR Game Download

Lucky Swiftail VR Game Features:

He’ll have to beat the Kitty Litter to each page, and ultimately overcome the mysterious power that Jinx wields.

– NEW: Remastered lighting, rendering, audio; optimizations for Oculus Quest 2

– NEW: Refined movement and an updated character model for Lucky (as seen in New Super Lucky’s Tale)

– 3rd person perspective camera built for virtual reality and designed for thrilling yet comfortable action

– Headset tracking for aiming, throwing, finding hidden items; touch controls for interacting with Lucky and menus

– Additional timed-based and collectathon challenges that reward replays

– Designed for all ages and skill levels

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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