Bright Memory: Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite is a sci-fi shooting game. As a direct sequel, the unlimited content is 3-4 times larger than the previous one. Players can not only enjoy the thrill of killing enemies with high-tech weapons, but also experience a deep story. The truth behind the mysterious phenomenon that occurs in the future in 2036.

Bright Memory: Infinite Game Story

In the year 2036, a strange phenomenon for which scientists can find no explanation has occurred in the skies around the world. The Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO) has sent agents out to various regions to investigate this phenomenon. It is soon discovered that these strange occurrences are connected to an archaic mystery-an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds, about to come to light…

Bright Memory: Infinite - Enjoy the feeling of killing with high-tech weapons faster than intimacy

Bright Memory: Infinite Gameplay

Bright Memory: Infinite combines the FPS and action genres to deliver a high-octane experience. Mix and match available skills and abilities to unleash magnificient combos on your enemies. Your trusted sword allows you to slash through crowds of enemies and even repel their gunfire. The guns you come across in-game can be customized with a variety of ammunitions. Choose between incendiary bombs, sticky grenades, homing missiles, and more to suit your situation.

Bright Memory: Infinite Development

Created by FYQD-Studio, Bright Memory: Infinite is the sequel to the popular Bright Memory. However, the sequel features an all-new world, along with newly created improved battle system and level design.

Bright Memory: Infinite - Understand the mystery that will happen in the future in 2036

Bright Memory: Infinite Game Features:

·Unreal 4 created a completely dynamic light and shadow screen, exploring the psychedelic future scenes created by the Feiyan Islands

·Future themes merge with Chinese style, explore and break through the barriers in the architecture of Chinese classical style

·A style system with evaluation, your wonderful operations will be recorded in the game score

· Refreshing action and shooting feel, slaughter the enemy with high-tech weapons, and use the action to play with the opponent

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