The Sin Collector: Repentless

The Sin Collector: Repentless is a game bordered by visual novels and classic text role-playing games. The background is the world of The Sin Collector by Michał Gołkowski. The action took place a few years before the events presented in the book.

The end is here!

Apocalypse is bloody truth, bloody bible and crazy bloodshed.

The country is in a state of free fall, gritted teeth, brothers fight with brothers, and children raise armed hands to their elders. Although it was clear that the world was about to be destroyed, there was a glitch. What we got was not a thermonuclear megaton bomb, but a wet party popper. No one wants to die, you see-even if they get the promise of eternal life in the colorful advertising campaign, people still decide not to play with the end of the era.

This is why God sent a newly appointed team of evil collectors-chosen by (them) at the top, and only God knows why and how these mortals surrendered their lives to hunt and execute crimes committed by debtors. Teaching the noble art of dagger fighting, these warriors-watched by their supervising angels-wander in the post-apocalyptic world, doing their best to complete such a dirty work that even a powerful celestial body can’t do it.

Become Aniketos-a crime collector who serves them at the top, working hard to clean up the remnants of our sin world, and bring the half-baked apocalypse to a (un)happy ending.

An adventure through a beautifully illustrated post-apocalyptic world-from the burnt streets of Warsaw to the unpopular and unknown reverse land.

As you stroll through the world created by Michał Gołkowski, discover a new chapter in fan’s favorite sin collector trilogy.

To survive in a doomed world, make decisions that are not always morally sound or rational.

Create your own game style and decide which characteristics, skills and equipment your hero will have.

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