NMNE is a horror game developed and released by AK Studio. In the game, players will come to a dream world and encounter some horrible things in the dream. Of course, they will die in the dream and will not wake up in reality, so the player must Try your best to defeat the demons in your dreams and find a way to wake you up.

NMNE Game Introduction

You wake up in your room and find that something is wrong. Your body is still in bed, and your mind is still dreaming the worst dream ever. You have to go back to the body, but for this you need to go to the world of nightmares.

Travel through the labyrinth of the mind, defeat the demons, and save your body from death in another reality. During the game, you will collect a series of teeth and learn to walk along the bloody route.

Overcome the worst nightmare in the world.

In a first-person psychological horror game, you must travel through multiple locations and complete missions. There are saves, achievements and scary moments in the game. The control is standard keyboard and mouse.

NMNE Game Features

Unique levels.

Responsive controls.

Beautiful graphics.

Very good optimization.

Mysterious environment.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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