Tunche is an action game with horizontal Roguelike gameplay. It supports multiple players to play together. It fully returns to the most classic 2D customs clearance ACT gameplay, and it also adds a pigeon element. You can not only challenge various enemies in the game, but also see some creepy witchcraft spells. Let us explore this dazzling Amazon world presented by hand-painted art. We will defeat the legendary leader and control the ancient magic!

Tunche Game Settings

Tunche, as a 2D clearing game, tells a mysterious story based on Peruvian folklore. Incorporating hand-painted animation and exciting roguelike gameplay, fast-paced battles are integrated into the game design. The Legend of the Jungle is in the depths of the Amazon jungle. Through the wonderful monster battles, players will experience an unforgettable battle experience. You can take the adventure alone, or you can join your friends in a team of four to embark on a journey. Each game will be a brand new journey of challenge.

Tunche Game Features

·Explore the dizzying Amazon rainforest presented through hand-painted art!

·Reveal the secrets hidden in Peruvian folklore!

· Team up with friends and local four players!

· Use complex and varied combat tricks and spells to defeat the enemy!

·Face the legendary Boss and let them see your growth!

·Learn and adapt-every game experience is unique!

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