Pop’s VR

Pop’s is the most fun shooter game available in VR today!

You are in total immersion in a world of toys with the mission of recycling those intended for the trash.

For this, you have a pistol in each hand. Initially, they’re simple (and fun) spring-loaded pistols, but if you shoot well, you can evolve them.

In front of you is a balloon distributor which, according to your choice, will distribute 4 to 6 different balloons, you load them into your guns using your triggers.

Toys are routed to large bins located right in front of you via large wheels and treadmills that accelerate steadily.

Each balloon is associated with a toy. For example, at level 2, the “Soy Sauce” balloon is associated with the “Sushi” toy, the “Ketchup” balloon with the “Hamburger” toy.

Your mission [/] is to grab the correct balloon and shoot the corresponding toy before it falls into the trash.

There are 5 different levels that appeal to popular culture (more levels to come):

1 gambling, 2 sauces, 3 cinema, 4 musicians, 5 video games.

But beware ! Enemies are lurking and will try to stop you.

Chain together multiple combos, shots and speed accuracy to achieve the highest score.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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