FukTopia 3

FukTopia 3 is a shooting game developed and released by PixelArtGames. In the game, players will enter a completely random level. Although it is random, players can master the attack methods of some of the monsters to counterattack. It also supports multiplayer cooperation. , Call your friends to play together.

FukTopia 3 Game Introduction

Each level is random, so you will face a unique level every time you play.

Fast-paced action can find a beautiful art in the randomly generated levels every time you play.

FukTopia 3 Gameplay

The player enters a randomly generated level and needs to clear the entire level of the enemy to enter the next level.

FukTopia 3 Game Features:

-Online challenge multiplayer game

-Every game is different-Random levels

-Amazing pixel art

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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