Forgive Me Father

Forgive Me Father is a Lovecraft-style retro horror FPS game with a Cthulhu style, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novels. Players need to use weapons to kill these monsters in order to find answers and relief. The game screen adopts a comic style that teaches darkness, killing monsters will have various body fluid splash effects. At the same time, players need to pay attention to the madness of the character while killing monsters. It will dynamically change during the game to provide additional power. If this power cannot be controlled, it may be backlashed.

Forgive Me Father Game Features:

The feel of classic FPS in the 90s

Time-lapse animations, opponents and 2D elements in a 3D environment; first aid kits and health points, non-reload weapons, and gain energy in dynamic battles with many opponents.

Customize the combat experience

With a Bible in one hand and a weapon of unknown substance in the other, players will face the challenge of maintaining humanity. The evolution of equipment and unpredictable opponents and the way to defeat them will depend on the player.

Dynamic level of madness

It directly affects the audio-visual experience and gameplay itself, depending on its size.

The gameplay is represented by comic style

Hand-drawn graphics, designed in a unique comic book style, any screenshots in the game can be part of the new comic book.

Emotions directly from Lovecraft’s dark novels

All of this remains in a horrible mood, the truth is intertwined with madness, and a feeling of despair confuses the need to find answers. Mysticism and eternal evil.

Many climatic levels and various animal fables

A completely handcrafted, diverse world full of interesting enemies, from possessed residents to monsters in the worst nightmare.

Two heroes to choose from

Each has its own unique development tree. Experience the story from the perspective of a pastor or reporter.

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