Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar is a detective mystery game produced and released by Red Martyr Entertainment. In a cursed valley in the Croatian countryside, mysterious disappearances have been happening here. You will come here to explore the truth behind this series of events. Switch between conflicting realities.

Saint Kotar Game Background

In this detective game driven by stories and choices and with psychological horror factors, you will play Benedek and Nikolay, two troubled believers, in a small Sveti Kotar who believes in ancient gods. The town launched an investigation to find the missing relatives. Here, the unknown preys on the weak and dominates demon worship and evil witchcraft. There is evidence that your relatives have been involved in murders and mysterious events. But what is the truth? Should you also bear responsibility for what happened?

Saint Kotar Game Features:

Why Saint Kotar makes you creepy

Uncover the mystery behind your loved ones’ participation in the strange and pathological ceremony in the town

Wandering between two different realities and gaining insight into the terrible secrets of the town

Step by step, your choice will affect the story and the flow of the game

Discover hidden locations and complete side quests to understand the full story of the story

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