Spacefolk City

Spacefolk City VR Game – The Spacefolk are in trouble! Their sun is going supernova, and they need your help to build up their city and find a way to escape the impending solar disaster!

Spacefolk City is a funky, casual take on the city building genre. Construct a floating city in space, decorate it with a variety of absurd items, and keep your Spacefolk citizens happy.

Each Spacefolk has different abilities that you’ll need to utilize creatively to ensure their survival. Spruce up the place with items matching each of their interests to keep them happy, and maximize their roles around the city to create a delightful little community!

Why limit your city building to a flat surface! Enjoy the spatial advantages of VR and construct your city in free-space, adding buildings on top and underneath. Be sure to make the most of all the silly things you can decorate your city with too, so your Folk remain happy and productive. Cooperate with your Folk and work your way toward a solution to their solar crisis!

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