NASCAR 21: Ignition

NASCAR 21: Ignition is a racing game produced by Motorsport Games. It was launched as the official video game of NASCAR, allowing players to experience real racing competitions up close. The game contains the latest teams, drivers and tracks of the race. Players can choose to play as the official driver, or create a new role to challenge the race from scratch. There are also custom systems such as painting to meet the individual needs of players for racing.

NASCAR 21: Ignition Gameplay Introduction

NASCAR 21: Ignition redefines the most popular racing series in the world. With incredible graphics and immersive gameplay, NASCAR 21: Ignition brings a whole new level of authenticity and atmosphere to the NASCAR series.

The official drivers, teams and tracks of the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season are all available. The real expressions, including pre-race preparation and post-race replay, will take you as close to the real thing as possible.

The operation of the car directly reflects the feeling of driving a machine, and is equipped with the latest track package representing the 2021 NASCAR Cup series schedule. It keeps you in the craze when the green flag falls, and the full set of driver assistance tools make the game easy for new racers.

You can directly enter the action through “Race Now”, play as the official driver of your favorite NASCAR Cup series, or adopt an immersive career mode to build your reputation and attack the championship.

The brand-new spray booth provides an unparalleled level of customization, enabling you to create your own paint scheme for the NASCAR Cup series, complete with your own iconic match number.

Support online multiplayer matches, you will never stay away from the match, whether it is gathering with friends or competing with other players from all over the world.

NASCAR 21: Ignition Game Features:

-Experience the excitement and atmosphere of the NASCAR series through the official cars, drivers and tracks of the 2021 season.

-The new spray booth provides unparalleled customization services for your spray painting program

-Play online matches with other players, have fun or compete

-Incredible visual effects and presentations

-Realistic vehicle physics and handling, and there is a set of driver assistance systems available

-Immersive career mode, create your NASCAR legend.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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