UNDYING is a zombie-themed survival adventure game. The player plays a mother named An Ling. In a world full of zombies, you need to protect yourself and your son Cody as much as possible. In this doomsday world, you need to find supplies to survive. When you encounter zombies, you need to use weapons to kill them. During the whole process of surviving on the road to awakening, his son Cody will slowly grow up, and players will gradually take on the role and feel the warm family affection of the cruel plot of the game’s doomsday.

UNDYING Game Introduction

A disaster disrupted the lives of Anling and her child Cody, and the outbreak of the zombie virus turned everything familiar to them into hell. To make matters worse, Anling was bitten by a zombie… Before she became a zombie, she had to protect Cody while fighting the human nature that was being eroded by the virus, and taught him to survive-in order to survive this crisis. .

Anling protected her son in the vast ruins and the low roar of the zombies, waiting for the rescue, and her human consciousness was being corroded by the corpse poison in her body…

You, as a player, are the only pillar of your child’s life-mother Anling. You must do everything possible to ensure the safety of your son Cody, and let him master the necessary survival skills before your life comes to an end. In this process, you must not only ensure the basic needs such as food and drink for yourself and your children, but also need to race against the limited time, and try to delay the time of the corpse poisoning as much as possible.

By your side, Little Cody will gradually learn the skills of cooking, tool making, material search and fighting. You have to cultivate his abilities consciously, because-soon you may start to rely on this little man.

For him, you rekindle hope

Cody will gradually accumulate experience from her mother’s various survival behaviors. You must give him enough opportunities to master more skills.

Don’t miss any inconspicuous supplies

Try to collect all kinds of materials. Monster drops, merchants’ rucksacks, abandoned land, upgraded workbenches… can all help you, but-not rich.

Time does not wait

Anling’s injury will only get worse. When you wake up every day, when you feel that you are further weakened, this is the clock reminding you. As soon as possible-pack your bags and say goodbye to the minute you just lost.

This road to awakening belongs only to you

The expedition map in your hand is gradually unfolding, each time you need to “designate” the next location-how will you lay out your map?

The last time together

No matter how difficult it is, don’t forget the people around you. Any tiny moment will become a memory.

UNDYING Game Features:

Players DIY their own adventure map

High degree of freedom and replayability

Survival, and an emotional farewell

Take your child to grow into a little man quickly

Other survivors can interact

The picture is simple but textured

Touching music

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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