Nebraska is an adventure game in which the player will come to the Midwest of the United States. In order to explore the truth of the incident, the player is forced to investigate in it. The advanced physics system in the game allows the player to interact with anything in the environment. Solving the correct puzzles can advance the flow of the game.

Nebraska Game Background

The story takes place in 2020, when a reporter was writing a book about the Midwestern United States. The book tells the story of a rural area in Nebraska where gasoline ran out. The reporter stumbled upon the ruins of an abandoned terrorist attraction while seeking help. With no other choice, he walked in and began to explore, and when the door behind him slammed shut, he was trapped inside. Players will explore and discover secret facilities hidden under the attraction, and discover the terrible experiments conducted there.

Nebraska Game Features:

In some cases physical systems are used. Players must also control their body temperature, because too cold or too hot may cause hypothermia or heat stroke.

This game is not only scary, but also story-driven, sometimes sad, happy, and of course fearful. The Nebraska plot involves different characters that will help you move forward in the facility. Will they help you or betray you.

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