Tales of the Black Death

Tales of the Black Death – An interactive story that pins your morality against your survival.

Tales of the Black Death is choice driven interactive fiction plague survival adventure.

The game is a three-part series set in the Middle Ages during the plague that spread from Italy to France and finally reached England.
In Tales of the Black Death, you play as Baldasar, a young Italian boy.

Part 1 : Tales of the Black Death – Italy

Hunted by the death of his parents from an unknown illness, Baldasar becomes an outcast and finds solace in the companionship of a traveling thief.

Together, they try to survive the unforgiving land populated with disease, bandits and death.

Part 2 : Tales of the Black Death – France

As the Black Death rages in Italy, Baldasar flees to France where a voice from the past warns him of the apocalyptic state of the known world. In his journey he will become the protector of a young French girl in search of her missing mother as they try to survive the unforgiving land and cross paths with desperate townsfolk, man-at-arms and death.

Part 3 : Tales of the Black Death – England

Having befriended two army deserters, Baldasar joins them in their journey until fate decides otherwise. Through cruel and unknown land, he reaches London at the height of the pandemic where he discovers a town ravaged by death and despair.

Will he choose a path paved with goodness or turn his blade into a weapon of vengeance?

A game of survival.

While it’s important to eat from now and then, the game primarily tracks your health which is represented by infections, sickness and injury inflicting your characters.

In the Middle Ages, it was common to die as a result of neglected an illness for too long. This is also the case in Tales of the Black Death.

A game of morality.

In addition to managing your health, injuries, malaise and infections, the game establishes its own morality landscape where the player has to make difficult choices.

Many of the choices you make will impact the story or the characters around you. Lie, cheat, betray others or follow the path of righteousness…it’s all up to you.

Beware how you play: Indulging in iniquities will diminish your morality and could lead to the loss of your soul.

Tales of the Black Death Game Features:

• Hundreds of player choices.

• Visit over 90 finely detailed locations.

• Encounter many unique characters throughout your journey.

• Keep track of what you are carrying in your satchel. (Inventory)

• Timed responses will keep you on your toes!

• Rat-battle system to practice your rat-stabbing skills!

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