InfraSpace is a city simulation and construction game. The game uses a sci-fi background. The emergence of artificial wormholes enables humans to realize large-scale long-distance interstellar voyages. You have established colonies on unfamiliar planets in distant galaxies, exploited the available resources here, and Try to establish the continuation of human civilization here.

InfraSpace Game Background

Infraspace is a sci-fi-themed city construction simulation-coordinating transportation so that the manufactured products can go to their destination. In order to continue to develop in this star system, you must not only carry out mining operations of various minerals, arrange a complete production line, but also ensure that your road network can withstand this challenge.

InfraSpace Game Content

Self-sufficiency! Produce everything you need

On the fringe of human civilization, money cannot build the tall buildings you need. Instead, sending your first astronaut to mine and collect basic resources is the right choice.

Once you find iron, carbon, sand, and sulfur, and build factories for steelmaking and concrete production, you can clear the land for your colony and build the necessary infrastructure.

The simplest production lines such as food and oxygen also need to remain stable to allow this new colony to flourish.

Extend in all directions! Transportation lines and infrastructure

InfraSpace will simulate every car in the game. The resources produced need to be sent to the factory for further processing, and the products need to be sent to each residence for human use.

If you don’t plan ahead, the huge traffic flow will fill up your roads sooner or later and stop your production line.

Build high-speed, round-island and multi-lane highways to ensure that the industrial heart of the colony keeps beating.

Prosperous and strong! Population development and needs

Your first colonizer will be an astronaut, the bravest among human beings. Provide food and shelter to the astronauts, and they will keep your outpost operating, rain or shine.

As your colony develops, you will need many scientists and engineers to fill the increasing number of jobs, and their environmental requirements will be higher than those of the pioneers.

When a colony becomes a city, it will also become a home for many people instead of ordinary jobs. Build schools and produce the latest VR educational equipment to ensure that the needs of the citizens are met.

Final goal

Human civilization has learned how to build artificial wormholes to explore far into space. Unfortunately, the construction of these wormholes requires large portals-the original homes are not enough.

As humans further conquer space, it is now your turn to establish an outpost on a distant planet to provide resources and manpower for this huge project.

You can also choose to ignore this goal and develop your own colony freely.

You don’t have to suffer here

Traffic management and people’s lives may change rapidly, and there are many difficulties, but you still have choices. You can adjust the difficulty of the game to make it easier (or harder), as you like.

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