Evil Tonight

Evil Tonight is a horror game made by DYA Games. It helps the protagonist Sylvia dispel evil spirits and fulfill his duties as an exorcist. The player controls the protagonist to fight against the evil spirits in the academy. Although there is no map system in the game, the player can find useful items and hidden passages, as well as weapons such as knives and firearms to challenge the bosses in the evil spirits.

Evil Tonight Game Introduction

She is not afraid of evil spirits. It is her job to dispel evil spirits. As a modern exorcist, Sylvia has overcome countless fears by virtue of her ability to make the evil spirits of the haunted land visible…but tonight…things did not go according to plan…fight, survive, explore, solve Solve the puzzle and uncover… the mystery of Tonight’s Evil Night!

There is no map. no help. Just like the classic survival horror games before, Evil Tonight has the purest form of exploration. Find objects, discover hidden paths, solve puzzles, manage scarce ammunition, and fight the evil spirits lurking in the abandoned performing arts school, where every room is different… and there are a bunch of evil creatures and unforgettable Boss battle, get ready to accept the challenge!

Evil Tonight has stunning audiovisual effects, presenting the finest pixel art graphics of the highest quality. In addition, the game also has a custom color palette, hand-illuminated lighting effects, and an unforgettable original soundtrack… it’s an unparalleled experience An unforgettable immersive experience!

Get ready for… Evil Tonight!

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