Aeon Must Die!

Aeon Must Die! is a sci-fi action game developed and produced by Limestone Games. We will meet the tyrannical monarch Aeon, who is resentful for being betrayed by his subordinates, and unites us for revenge. On the road to revenge, we will enjoy a cool battle, and the enemy’s life and death is in your hands.

Aeon Must Die! Game Introduction

Aeon Must Die! Ignite the Milky Way!

The tyrannical monarch Aeon, who holds the unstoppable Void Fleet in his hands, is betrayed and abandoned by his generals to die. He is eager for revenge, but loses his physical body and his strength is greatly weakened, so he makes a desperate attempt to merge with you in order to escape.

Travel to the future city of Pantheon, destroy or suppress those who have betrayed Aeon, while working hard to regain your free will, and once again control your body and mind.

Experience this unique action game, enjoy high-risk, high-return stimulating gameplay, more innovative tactical combat and role-playing coordination system, record your every move as a fighter.

Will you succumb to Aeon’s will, lose yourself, become Aeon’s vessel and unleash his power? Or do you have to choose the hard way and pay the price of strength to protect your freedom?

Aeon Must Die! Game Features:

• Breathtaking clean-up battles, full of bloody cruel moves

• First-class artistic style, extraordinary game soundtrack

• Cool battles are easy to use, and at the same time have the depth of fighting games

• Life or death is up to you, the destiny of the galaxy is in your hands

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