Peace, Death! 2

Peace, Death! 2 is a simulated business game developed and released by AZAMATIKA. In the game, the player will become the god of death and arrange a place for the soul of the dead. Of course, there will always be some customers who are not very honest and want to do it to you. Interference, you need to examine their behavior and then judge.

Peace, Death! 2 Gameplay

Send them to heaven, hell or purgatory based on the various signs they have. There are some tricky customers who communicate with each other, interfere with the work of Reaper, or ignore the basic rules, which means you must be extra careful when deciding where to send almost everyone.

Peace, Death! 2 Game Features:


Many customers are unique individuals. Some of them are even somewhat famous-but any resemblance to real people is completely coincidental. However, they are not just unique faces-they also possess unique abilities. For example, the jailer will not let you send prisoners anywhere, the bureaucrats will surprise you with inspections, and the Musketeers are one-to-one and have everything!

Reaper League

This is where the reapers go after get off work every day, just to go to work again! But first you can accept the contract, check the work of the apocalypse knights, learn about the latest news in this world, and do super important things for other alliance members. After all, when the upcoming elections, every candidate needs loyal friends.

Knights of the Apocalypse

Now that the alliance has begun to operate, the Cavaliers finally have time to devote themselves to their beloved auxiliary projects. The death place, the war arena, the plague laboratory, and the famine cafeteria are all opened!

Anything else?

Disasters, rental apartments, more incidents, laughter, and even cats. You will definitely go fishing and listen to great music.

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