Seduction is a horror game produced by KOEX studio, centered on a young monk in the temple, a series of weird and bizarre events happened. The game uses the temple as the background, combined with the special cultural symbol of Buddhism, adds a variety of puzzles for players to challenge, and clues and truths will be scattered in the corners of the temple, learn to refuse in the face of temptation, and stay away from dangerous things.

Seduction Game Introduction

Seduction is a horror adventure game based on folk stories. The game will contain some folklore and myth-related stories.

Twenty years ago, the protagonist’s father brought the young protagonist to the monastery for help in order to avoid being chased by creditors. The abbot makes a condition-if the protagonist’s father agrees to stay in a room in the temple for 7 days, let them stay. However, the protagonist’s father disappeared without a trace.

Twenty years later, the protagonist who grew up in the monastery was also placed in the room where his father once lived. Fortunately, reincarnation, a strange adventure begins…

Unique cultural background:

The game is based on a temple and shows the unique cultural characteristics of the Asian region. Those cultural elements that have been with you since childhood will make you feel more cordial.

Seduction Game Features:


Use your wisdom, use your brain, and solve the many puzzles in the game.


Explore every corner of the temple and try to find out the truth about the events hidden in the shadows.

•Get away

Stay away from those creepy-looking things and find ways to escape the dangerous situation.


Temptation is everywhere, temptation is everywhere, learn to refuse temptation, even though they always seem to make you feel irresistible.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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