Night Reverie

Night Reverie is an adventure decryption game with a lovely drawing style. Players will enter a dreamlike and beautiful fairy tale world, where you can interact with many animal characters and start a warm dialogue. The main gameplay of the game is still driven by solving puzzles. The game provides a variety of interesting puzzles for players to understand, and the story of the game is also very interesting.

Night Reverie Game Background

Night Reverie is a fantasy fairy tale-style adventure decryption game. The little boy woke up at midnight and found that his home had become a magical world. He had to explore this dreamlike world and unlock the truth behind everything. He will surely find the answer to restore everything to normal.

Night Reverie Game Features:

Explore the home that fell into the dream world;

Interact with unique characters and learn about the mysterious world through dialogue;

Collect, combine, and use a variety of props to solve the mystery in the house;

In the process of searching for the truth, face a variety of intuitive and challenging puzzles;

Detailed and colorful pixel style pictures;

Fascinating original soundtrack.

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