Journey On

Journey On – Experience a world of life and death in this exploration focused, anime style JRPG. Will you choose the path of light, or of darkness?

Journey On Game Description

Two adventurers, two paths.

As darkness rises, two young adventurers went on a journey to save their village.

Play as two sisters with different personalities and skill sets.

Will you choose the path of light, or of darkness?

Different endings based on your decisions during the adventure!

Journey On Game Features:

A world with a strong focus on environmental storytelling. Exploration will be rewarded with additional storylines, new equipment and skills.​

Soul Corruption System: A world that reacts to player decisions.

Certain in-game choices have game altering effects.​ NPC and enemies will react to players differently!

Customize your playstyle and party roles by mixing different skills and equipment that you’ve found. Be a tank, physical/magical/DoT DPS, melee mage or support.

Challenging turn-based combat. Each boss battle has unique puzzle-like mechanics, use the right skill to win!

Cute girls!​

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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