Jack Axe

Jack Axe is an action game made by Keybol Games. It uses a world view set by a fairy tale to control Jack and her sisters to complete adventures and challenge powerful enemies. Players can use the power of the axe to navigate through various levels, such as throwing an axe to complete the elimination of the enemy, or completing a higher difficulty jump, and supports up to four people in the online mode, which is unlimited.

Jack Axe Game Introduction

Her name is Jack, she has an axe, and she is Jack Axe.

Follow Jack and her sisters to explore this 2D open world! Embark on a journey alone, or bring a friend, and start an adventure together. Use the magical power of the axe to meet the challenge and discover the unknown! You will witness a girl breaking the taboo and taking on the “man’s responsibility”. Although doing so annoys this god who has both Nordic and Filipino descent…

Jack Axe Game Features:

• Explore a world that blends Nordic and Filipino myths.

• Conquer difficult levels with the efforts of girls and the stunt of throwing axes.

• Use Xiaojie’s axe to perform dazzling techniques.

• Play With Up To Four Players In a Campaign and Party Modes.

• Enjoy a story written by Bari and Melai Silvestre and their 3 imaginative daughters.

• Prove That Girls Do It Better.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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