Coronation is a simulation construction game with a medieval background. Players will become a lord in the game. You have to build your own kingdom gradually, collect resources to build various buildings, and continuously expand your territory to accommodate more population. The content of the game is very real, and the degree of restoration is quite high.

Coronation Game Introduction

Build and decorate your castle with your friends, or hire villagers to collect materials for you and work for you. Participate in exciting melee directional combat, you can control the direction of the weapon swing. Form an army to defend your castle from bandits or go to war with other players.

Coronation Gameplay

Board one of our servers with your friends and build a great castle together! Whether in war or in economic assistance, we must unite and support each other.

We have a variety of functional furniture, you can decorate your interior, your employees can also use these furniture!

Too lazy to do it? Tell your villagers to do it! Villagers can upgrade and truly master their professional knowledge.

Hire mercenaries to protect your town and help you in battle. You need to protect your people and property. Form an army to protect or destroy others!

Coronation Game Features:

Melee directional combat, allowing you to better control your attacks

Defend your castle from bandits or players

Multiplayer dedicated server to play with your friends

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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