Capital Island

Capital Island – Play as a Door-to-Door seller in this trade/management game.

Welcome to Capital Island

This island has seen better days… now, they all wait hope knock on their door.

You as a door-to-door seller will help Capital Island prosper again (while making some profit, of course!).

Choose Your Hero

To help you accomplish this mission, you’ll have the company of Isla or Brody.

That’s no wrong choice here. Both are ready to make deals.
Knock Knock Knock

Each day you have to go door to door offering products from your catalog and making deals with the residents. Some will buy, some will offer a trade, some will ask for a donation… and others will just ignore you. But. nothing like a day after another, right?

With your notebook, you keep track of your clients’ requests and never get lost (since you have a map there too).

Every morning your dealer’s boat docks at the pier and you can shop to fulfill your customers’ requests or sell when there are too many items (or too few coins).

After that, just pack your bag and you’re good to go!

Let’s Talk About Business

When the island begins to evolve, new islanders will migrate and build new homes.

And some will grab the opportunity to open their own businesses.

That will also give you the possibility of different negotiations. And, who knows, maybe some interesting investments.

Capital Island is waiting for you!

Now, go knock on some doors…

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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