Concordia: Digital Edition

Concordia: Digital Edition is a digital version of a tabletop strategy game that can electronically present the most classic board game gameplay, allowing players to start their own journey of building a trade empire on the computer. It mainly adopts SLG turn-based gameplay, which allows players to replace the card instructions on the desktop with instructions on the computer, without other users being present, you can directly start playing on the computer by yourself.

Concordia: Digital Edition Game Settings

Build the greatest trading empire in ancient Rome!

Concordia: Digital Edition is a faithful adaptation of the same strategy board game, consistently ranked among the top 20 board games. Plan ahead and make key decisions at every turning point. Always be prepared for trade-offs-your actions will be of great benefit to other players and yourself.

Concordia: What is Digital Edition?

Concordia: Digital Edition is a turn-based strategy game where two to six players compete for wealth and influence. Build your trading empire on one of several ancient world maps. Use the actions on the cards to plan and execute your strategy to gain an advantage in the competition. Every decision you make will benefit you and your opponents. Send your colonists to a new city, whether it is land or sea, and build houses to expand your trading empire!

What makes Concordia so popular?

Concordia: Digital Edition is a game with simple rules and easy to learn, but it may take a lifetime to master it! With the introduction of more maps and expansions (all from the official), the playability of “Concordia: Digital Edition” is almost limitless. Fight against AI on PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch or challenge friends in hot seat mode, or online cross-platform multiplayer games. The real board game experience, coupled with the intuitive user interface, is definitely a must-have for the player’s collection!

Concordia: Digital Edition Game Features:

Build your trade empire

Commodity trade and expansion to different cities

Manage your colonists, storage space and action cards

Try a variety of different maps

Customize your game with expansion modules

Become the greatest merchant in ancient Rome!

Easy to learn, difficult to become a master

High strategic depth. Be prepared for the trade-offs!

Concordia official rules consulted the game designer

Fight against AI, friends or both-whether it’s a single player or a multiplayer game, the experience is great

All official extensions will be released

Provide a unique board game experience with the help of a digital platform

Provide interactive tutorials on how to play

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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