Slimefrog – Use your tongue as a grappling hook to navigate up an exotic and unforgiving world, while being verbally abused by a flying snake. Be careful, any fall can send you…

Make your way through 9 areas of the world to find the secret that awaits you at the top. Use your powerful tongue as a grappling hook to conquer every obstacle. Sharpen your reflexes to prevent a long fall from the top. Be careful, because when you fall, you not only lose all your successes but also your self-esteem.

Slimefrog Gameplay:

Slimefrog is a high stakes fast-paced grappling hook adventure

Use your tongue as a grappling hook to climb to the top of an exotic world

Lick platforms to quickly accelerate yourself towards them.

Carefully plan out a strategy before attempting an obstacle

Find alternative routes


Listen to a unique soundtrack with a new track for each level.

Experience the pain of losing all your progress, and being insulted for it at the same time.

Slimefrog Game Features:

While mid-air, you only have 4 licks. These reset every time you land back on the ground or hit a roof.

Saving some of your licks for when you mess up can prevent a long fall all the way back down.

On every obstacle, you risk everything. Changing plans midair is extremely difficult.

Some obstacles may seem impossible, so try to find alternative routes.

If you can’t get up an obstacle, try approaching it from a different angle.

Traverse through 9 distinct areas while being verbally abused by a flying snake.

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