Beyond Contact

Beyond Contact is a sci-fi survival game in which players will adventure on a randomly generated outer space planet, which also contains various construction elements, allowing you to fully enjoy the space adventure. Not only the gameplay is rich, there are battles and constructions, but the world view of the game is also very magnificent, and the plot story is also very exciting and interesting, allowing players to fully experience an imaginative science fiction story.

Beyond Contact Game Settings

The story takes place in the mysterious, dangerous and procedurally generated Kitten star. The game features exploration and discovery, a powerful research and production system, intuitive base construction and defense, farming and animal breeding, and various plot goals to save the planet’s inhabitants. Diverse flora and fauna, as well as extreme weather and environmental disasters enough to kill the most powerful players hundreds of times. We are by no means alarmist, this planet is so cruel.

Beyond Contact Game Features:

Your adventure begins immediately!

In 2766, Quinn Hicks, an elite member of the Star Alliance’s space army in charge of expeditions, was ordered to respond to a crisis that intensified on the edge of a known star field. Kittern star is breaking down. An unknown source of energy from within the planet is threatening the civilization on the planet…

Play as you like

Beyond Contact’s campaigns and endless modes can be played by single player or in cooperation with multiple players.

Dynamic 3D engine

Kittern’s environment is dynamic, rich in details, and murderous. Can you survive here?

Sci-fi style background

Use your space military-standard equipment, weapons and environmental protective clothing to explore the colorful alien environment, discover strange animals and plants, and finally have a dialogue with the ancient civilization of Kitten.

Rich research and production

Scan, collect, mine and recycle the peculiar raw materials on this planet, and use the in-depth research and production system to gain profits, fight against the inhabitants who are often hostile to you on this dying planet, and strive to survive.

Intuitive base construction and grid system

Build, expand and defend your base of operations while maximizing the use of unique grid systems.

Story-driven missions, and alien NPCs from different factions

Help local residents during the journey, cooperate with alien civilizations, explore previously unknown technologies, and discover the truth about the planet’s dying.

Declining world

Kittern was once a thriving world, but now torn apart by a dark rift, it has become a planet ravaged by environmental disasters and severe weather. Can you survive?

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