Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia

IONIA™ is a single-player action-adventure puzzle VR game built to push the limits of PC VR. Get up close with music-inspired creatures, solve puzzles as you explore ancient ruins, and use music-based magic on your quest to save the Harpa, a mythical creature whose habitat is on the brink of destruction.

The Harpa is the heart and soul of the Ionian forest. With every tree felled and burned by the approaching Tritone army, her spirit weakens. You and your sister Allegra are Ionia’s brave new heroes, embarking on a quest to heal this mythical creature with the power of music before it’s too late. As you follow Allegra on her journey to save the Harpa, you’ll soon discover that your every action has an impact on the world around you.

This storyliving VR game is a stunning visual and auditory escape that allows you to interact with unique creatures, characters, and plant life. Hear the call of the mighty Brassaurus, ride on the back of a giant tortoise along an underground river, and solve musical puzzles that unlock even more for you to explore.

A fantasy world brimming with interactive plant and animal life awaits exploration. Find and forage food for glowing Ocarinas. Admire breathtaking vistas as you zipline through canyons, climb winding vines in the canopy of ancient trees, and bask in the bioluminescent glow from the depths of a watery cave. The world of Ionia will surround you.

While you will be able to use music-based magic to help save creatures inside the game, every purchase will also benefit real-world wildlife, with a portion of proceeds going directly to an environmental non-profit organization.

Game Features
Every tree is cut down and burned by the approaching Triton army, and her spirit will weaken. You and your sister Allegra are the heroes of Ionia, and it is too late before you begin to seek the power of music to cure this mythical creature. When you follow Allegra on the journey to save Harpa, you will soon discover that every action you take will have an impact on the world around you.

The characters interact with plant life. Hear the call of the mighty Brasorus, ride on a huge back along the underground river, and solve music puzzles to unlock more of your exploration.

The dream world of life is waiting to be explored. Looking for and foraging for food, the glowing Ocarinas. Admire the magnificent scenery as you zip through the canyon. Climb winding vines on the canopy of ancient trees. Bathe in the bioluminescence emitted from the depths of the water cave. The world of Ionia will surround you.

Use music-based magic to help save the creatures in the game. Each purchase will also benefit the wild animals in the real world. Part of the proceeds will be directly used for the environmental non-profit organization Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

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