Street Dreams

Street Dreams is a fast-paced VR action FPS set in a psychedelic dream world. Evade opponents in a high-speed car chase using a variety of weapons at your disposal.

Street Dreams is a minimal, fast-paced VR shooter set in a psychedelic dream world. Choose from a variety of weapons to defend yourself from oncoming opponents, gain points, and earn yourself a position on the global leaderboard!

Inspired by works such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Grand Theft Auto, Street Dreams places you in a high-speed car chase with the goal to wreak havoc on your pursuers.

Street Dreams Game Features:

Five unique weapons to use throughout each car chase-whether you want to maximise points, maintain high accuracy, or need to get yourself out of a tight situation-the gun you need is at an arm’s reach.

Compete for the crown-Rack up as many points as possible to score the number one spot on the leaderboards.

An intense, modern soundtrack to accompany your journey, from various producers and sub-genres.

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