Tails of Iron

Tails of Iron is an epic RPG adventure game made by Odd Bug Studio. It tells the story of Lei Ha, the heir of the rat kingdom, embarking on a dangerous journey to restore the kingdom. Players will play as Lei Ha, meet and recruit heroic companions, and defeat powerful and dangerous BOSS. The game’s battle 2D soul-like game, roll dodge, counterattack, execution, etc., these operations can help players better meet the challenge.

Tails of Iron Game Introduction

The background of Tails of Iron is set on a dark and war-torn continent. Players will experience a series of brutal battles in this hand-painted RPG adventure game. As Lei Ha, the heir to the throne of the Rat Kingdom, your goal is to restore the ruined kingdom and end the cruel and ruthless frog race, as well as their vicious leader, the threat of green warts.

In the process of exploring the curvaceous yet dangerous world, you will meet a variety of unique companions who will do their best for you. Don’t refuse any advantage that can help you, collect recipes, cast deadly weapons and armors through design drawings, or build a mole cart with gold and armor!

Overcome your fears. Save your fellow citizens. Restore your kingdom.

Your legend has just begun…

Tails of Iron Gameplay

• Challenge cruel battles

From frog zombies to huge reptiles, the kingdom is full of dangers. In order to overcome every dangerous encounter, you need to carefully figure out the attack method of your opponent, and soldiers will block the water and cover it up! But don’t worry, you can also use a series of deadly skills: parry and counterattack, kill execution, in addition to this, you can also use your own accurate longbow and arrows to launch long-range attacks.

•Explore the perilous kingdom

In the deep magnetic narration of Doug Cockle (the voice actor of Geralt of Livia in the Witcher series), cross the medieval fantasy-style mouse kingdom and embark on an epic adventure. Obtain additional funds by completing branch and hunting missions, or work hand in hand with a companion who has a hundred steps through Yang, and the two will work together, and the profit will be cut off.

• Changeable attack style

Adjust Lei Ha’s fighting style according to different tasks. Heavy armor can provide good protection, but can it offset the disadvantage of inconvenience? In addition, the choice of weapons is also learned: the axe is powerful, but the spear is fast and flexible. In other words, you are more inclined to take advantage of the broad sword with all sides and exquisiteness?

• Conquer the dangerous boss battle

There are invisible dangers hovering behind every mushroom, and only a reasonable use of keen mind and sharp swords can overcome the deadly and dangerous boss battle. These cruel amphibians will bring you unique difficult battles. Don’t think that you can easily win with heavy armor.

•Cooking food, crafting weapons, casting armor

Lei Hao’s castle also hosts several of his siblings: Remum, Bang Bang and Dig Dug. Remmu is a good cook, as long as you provide him with the ingredients collected from everywhere, he can cook a healthy meal for you; Bangbang can make weapons and armors for you through the special designs found …So remember to keep your eyes open. In addition, there is digging, he will provide you with information on various tasks in the kingdom at any time.

Tails of Iron Game Features:

• Experience brutal battles in the soul style, roll, parry and counterattack, kill and execute!

• Across the vast and dangerous kingdom, explore six unique areas and discover hidden roads and secrets.

• Experience the ups and downs in the deep magnetic narration of Doug Cockle (the voice actor of Geralt of Livia in the Witcher series).

• Use a series of unique weapons and armors to show a variety of attack styles.

• Recruit a group of brave companions and perform tasks with them

• Obtain additional funds by completing side tasks

•Collect special design drawings and cast new powerful weapons

•Collect rare ingredients and cook delicious meals to strengthen your body

•Fight against the deadly generals of the frog race and conquer the dangerous boss battle

• The beautiful handmade 2D art style will make you linger.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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