Falcon Age

Falcon Age is a first-person, single-player action adventure where you’ll play as Ara in her fight to reclaim her cultural legacy in the lost art of falcon hunting against a force of automated colonizers. The game starts on a dying colony planet with its culture destroyed, resourced depleted, and turned into a desert by machine invaders.


Bond with a baby falcon and go on an adventure.

Falcon Age VR Game Background

Ara’s been wrongfully thrown in jail for a minor infraction. While she awaits her fate in a lonely cell, she passes the time by befriending a young falcon. Together they escape and set off on an adventure to help the resistance reclaim their freedom and drive off the invaders.

Falcon Age VR Game Features:

• Take back your life: Rebel against robot colonizers and reclaim your culture.

• Bond with a bird companion: Name, pet, feed, teach, and dress up your falcon.

• Hunt with your falcon: Various animals roam the land and can be hunted for precious materials.

• Craft falcon snacks: Farm, hunt, and cook snacks to feed, buff, heal and strengthen your falcon.

• Accessorize your falcon: Make your falcon look dreamy with different hats and scarves. -also equipment for gameplay like sonar and armor.

• Fight robot colonizers: Use your trusty stun baton to fight off drones and robots with the help of your falcon.

• Reclaim your land: Take back multiple locations from the colonizing faction and rebuild your community.

• Imprint Mode: Play the story mode with optional combat.

• Interact in VR: Give and take items, shake hands, fist bump, and soothe your falcon.

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