Kraken Academy

Kraken Academy is a reasoning game with a black humor style, where a terrible time happened shortly after the player arrived at the new school. In order to save the school, you will join forces with the sea monster to gain the ability to travel through time and continue to travel through time and space. To get clues to find out who is behind the scenes. There are four clubs in the college. Joining different clubs can get different clues. Through the ability to travel through time and space, you can join all of them to experience what happened in the past. So as to save the college.

Kraken Academy Game Background

Sea Monster Academy is not an ordinary high school. Ghosts flood the art department, cultists gather under a climbing frame, and crocodiles are eating children.

Hand in hand with the magical sea monster to unearth the traitor, this vicious behind-the-scenes master may be anyone hiding in the school. Every time you go through the cycle of time, you will go further in your journey to save the sea monster academy.

Although saving the world is definitely a very important goal, there are many other activities to explore. In this three-day cycle, learn about the daily activities of teachers and students and explore every corner of the campus. Participate in a fancy dress party, become a detective, and help the school janitor bring down the criminal syndicate.

Kraken Academy Game Features:

The Sea Monster Academy is divided into four clubs: music, art, sports and drama:

🎸 Join the alternative music club and form the school’s most avant-garde rock band.

🎨 Unleash your creativity in the art club and display your work in the exhibition.

🏅 Participate in the challenge and become the ultimate warrior of the sports club.

🎭 The drama club may be packed with pretentious people, but if you can’t beat them, join them! You might still be a star in their next extravagant drama.

Don’t know which one to choose? Lucky as you, of course all join! With the help of the magical amulet, you can join different societies in each time cycle.

The Sea Monster Academy is a melting pot of weird personalities. In the music club, you will meet Vladimir, a beautiful lead singer boy, trying to control his fanatical female fans; grumpy bassist Simone, who always wears a giraffe hoodie, looks unpleasant to everyone (including you) ); There is also the drummer Broccoli Sister, who can’t forget her predecessor.

So come on! Put on your uniform and put on the magical time travel amulet. There is a voice in your head that says this is terrible? Forget about it!

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