The Rewinder

The Rewinder is a horizontal puzzle game. The elements of this work are very cleverly integrated, combining pixels and Chinese monster legends. Players will act as a traveler from mountains and seas with a backpack to experience this profound experience. Fantasy adventures related to reincarnation.

The Rewinder Game Introduction

The Rewinder is a 2D Chinese style monster adventure puzzle game. The game integrates folk customs and traditional Chinese monster culture into puzzle elements to create a unique game experience. The player will play a special character wandering in the Yellow Spring and the world, and will be commissioned by the black and white impermanence to investigate the problem of the inability of the soul to reincarnate.

There have been cases of missing men in the village one after another. Villagers rumored that women with long hair would appear by the river at night, calling out the names of passers-by. The Taoist priest came to do the trick but returned without success. The prosperous village is becoming desolate day by day, and the only person left is still waiting alone. All these unsolved mysteries in the village seem to have some connection with the village’s past.

The player is taken to an abandoned and sealed village, sees various memories in the soul’s remnant thoughts, and finds an altar that can go back in time. As the plot progresses, players will slowly understand the truth of the event and reveal the mystery of their own life experience. Whether it can help the victims trapped in the underworld to re-enter the flow of life depends entirely on the player’s every inference and choice.

Entering the world of The Rewinder, you will play a special character wandering between the world and the Yellow Springs, going back to various points in time, solving various puzzles, and your past will also appear…

The Rewinder Game Features:


The two worlds of yin and yang plus the setting of time and space travel will bring players a brand new puzzle challenge. Every change to the past will bring unexpected results to the new “now”.

With the development of the main line, players will gradually learn some key skills. Although they cannot attack directly, players can cleverly use them to search for monsters hiding deep underground.

The puzzle-solving and micro-dungeon game mode will bring players a brand-new gaming experience.

Collect elements

In the game, there will be monsters and ghosts hiding in every corner. Not all of them have bad thoughts, but some obsessions restrain them. After all discovering and helping them, there will be special achievements. The game also has an easter egg system waiting for players to explore and explore.

Picture rendering

Many attempts have been made in the game on the screen, and finally decided to use pixel painting to express the feeling of Chinese painting and ink, which is different from the screens of most previous games.

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