Legendary Tales

Legendary Tales is a VR action role-playing game that supports up to 4 people to cooperate. Collect items, enhance your abilities, and fight in the ever-changing dungeon to create your own legend.

Are you ready to step into the darkness? Explore the pre-designed dungeon alone or with friends, but be careful, there are monsters waiting for you. Fortunately, you have countless ways to fight back. Hit them hard with a blunt weapon, cut them with a sword, ambush them with bows and daggers, or hit them with hexadecimal magic.

With physics-based melee combat, improved AI, random number generation projects, up to 4 player cooperation, and RPG-style attribute system, those who are eager to take risks in a fantasy RPG environment will definitely find everything they need here.

Legendary Tales is specially built for VR, with excellent optimizations for any PCVR platform and customizable graphics settings to ensure you get the best experience.

Legendary Tales allows up to 4 players to play multiplayer, make some friends, trade items, and enter the dungeon together, all in VR!

Legend has a superb physics-based combat system designed to imitate the feeling of using real weapons while still maintaining the fun of the game. The weight of the weapon determines how difficult it is to swing, and swinging with greater force will cause greater damage. However, we are not only improving weapons, enemy feedback and interactive objects will also respond based on how hard you hit them.

The items in the legend provide a lot of different fighting styles for you to try. However, don’t try to capture them all. Random number-generated items mean a staggering number of items, so you can choose from a wide variety of items. Items are also graded from ordinary to legendary. Legends are the rarest, the best, and of course the coolest.

The items in Legendary Tales also have their own combat skills, which can really add fun to your knockdown. Felling items can dismember your enemies, bludgeoning items can stun them, and legendary items have their own unique skills for you to discover. Use multiple items together to combine their combat skills. Find the right combination of weapons, armor and helmets for you to build your best system.

It also includes an RPG-style attribute system, which will naturally grow with your gameplay. And other benefits that you must learn while playing the game. Increase your damage by increasing your strength, reduce the noise when moving by increasing your dexterity, or increase your chances of better item drops by increasing your luck! Cultivate your character your way! Character attributes are strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, wisdom, luck

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