Earth Guard: Egypt

Earth Guard: Egypt– Grab a weapon and listen to the gods! Play against an endless amount of enemies and defend the ancient Egyptian world in this brand new VR Tower Defense Game.

Earth Guard: Egypt VR Game Features:

Virtual Reality Tower Defense

Earth Guard: Egypt is a new VR Game set in the ancient Egyptian mythology. Use a powerful bow in order to defeat a variety of enemies and save the Egyptian world!

Ancient Egyptian Mythology Setting

Experience the Egyptian desert in a colorful low-poly art style.
Defend the gate!

Your goal is to defend the gate of a desert village and get the biggest high score. The more enemies you kill the better your high score will be.

Special Gameplay

Be careful with shooting your arrows. Each shot takes points off your high score. You have to think about using your arrows in the best tactical way possible.

Endless Mode

Play in an endless mode against numerous different enemies. How long can you withstand the brutal force of these evil creatures?

This is our first game that we started as an experiment. It is a free mini-game, with which we want to generate feedback and criticism. Feel free to contact us for any improvements.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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