Unnatural Freaks: Wolf At Evergreen

Unnatural Freaks: Wolf At Evergreen is a VR interactive narrative experience. where you play as Frankie, an investigator who is a part of an online vlog series. Frankie’s role is to investigate rumours of supernatural/paranormal experiences to determine if there’s any truth to them and then make a video log about it.

A supernatural-mystery, interactive-narrative VR experience. Are the rumours of a werewolf sighting true? Talk with townspeople and explore the museum to discover what’s truly happening in the small town of Evergreen.

In Episode 1: Wolf At Evergreen, Frankie investigates several werewolf sightings in the small town of Evergreen. By talking with the townspeople and exploring the museum, clues will emerge. Will you correctly guess what’s actually happening in the town of Evergreen?

This VR experience was made as a part of a Master’s degree for Rebecca Kerr with special thanks given to Curtin University and the talented voice actors who helped bring the characters to life.

The initial release is what was submitted as part of the degree, subsequential updates are to improve user interactions and any bugs that may occur.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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