Hard Bullet

Hard Bullet is an action adventure VR game with realistic physics, lots of guns, gory body damage, slow motion abilities and cinematic environment destructions.

• Fast-paced Action: inspired by genre-defining classic Hong Kong action movies.

• Destructions and Physics: using the best solutions to bring realistic physic destructions, object and environment hand interactions.

• Slow Motion and Tricks: control time like famous PC and console blockbusters — perform long jumps in slow motion and kick enemies with your overpowered fists.

• Weapons: Expect variety of famous pistols, submachine guns and shotguns, you’ll get some sweet rifles and machine guns as well.

• Enemy Gore Body Damage: Accurate full body IK systems. You can turn on real gore mayhem with body dismembering, bullet holes and blood fountains if you are ready.


Large gun collection and handy blunt weapons. Every gun has unique sounds, damage and fire modes.

Meet and unlock dozens of iconic firearms to take with you into battle:

• 8 Automatic Pistols like Gretta, Sweet17, Greening and more!

• 12 Submachine Guns — take one in each hand and never stop bursting!

• 8 mighty Shotguns to shred enemies in parts: Moss50 or Ram870? Why choose when you can take both?

• 2 Rifles. Ivan47 or Mark16 — best of east and west for you.
Notice, these guns do not copy the exact design of real prototypes, but we tried to stick to reality as close as we could.

But what about close combat?

While the bladed weapons are still in work, we have some cool stuff to show.

You can use any game object to fight enemies! Be creative!

Two Gunplay modes: Arcade and Tactical

We prepared two different gun modes so you can feel yourself a powerfull action movie hero as well as a tactical modern fighter:

• Tactical Mode brings everything you like in realistic shooters: hand reloads, cool mag-hits-mag tricks and all the tricks you can found. Use both hands to hold handguard weapons to reduce recoil, be fast and sharp to get out alive.

• Arcade Mode is the one we wanted to bring to VR. Your guns do autoreloads when you bring them closer to your wais, so both your hands can have one. Do crazy dual wielding jumps, use two shotguns at a time or show your gun fu skills with dual pistols.


Gore and Dismemberment
Compex dismemberment and realistic bullet damage with blood fountains all around — can it be more fun?

Oh boy it can.

Use different gory instruments like meat grinders, sharp spikes, killer stackers and electricity powers to bring world of pain. They deserve this.

Ragdolls and AI

• All enemieas have several weapons on them to use.

• Doing special attack if player gets too close.

• Looking for cover when are low on health. Looking for guns or batons when lost theirs.

• Commenting the situation around.

• AI is not perfect and we are working on it every day.

Physics fun you can do:

• Hit with any object you can find. Gun butts are good too.

• Grab and fight enemies with your fist, threw them into abyss.

• Shoot off their limbs or put under a hydraulic press — gory fun is fun.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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