Domination is a first-person horror, action and story game, where you get involved in conspiracies about the Reptilians

Domination, developed by an indie programmer, a specialist in the first-person shooter genre, is full of challenges, psychological terror, ruthless reptiles, unimaginable weapons of destruction and agile and fluid movement are the basis of intense first-person combat whether you’ re charging at hordes of reptilians from space.

Domination Game Background:

You are a private detective who is investigating a series of strange bloody murders that are taking place in Iquitos, Peru. Your research has led you to an unexpected discovery, reptilian aliens are trying to take control of Earth by infecting pregnant women with alien DNA to create hybrids that are trying to transform Earth into their paradise. Its terraforming is causing temperatures to continually rise creating “global warming.”

Will you be able to stop them? ′ …

Domination Game Features:

A relentless campaign.

In your fight against the hordes of reptiles from space, you will not be able to find the conspiracy that is stalking the world.

Combine your arsenal of weapons and a melee system to slash and destroy reptiles violently.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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