Guts And Goals

Guts And Goals is a multiplayer football game produced and released by CodeManu. There are a lot of heroes in the game. Players can choose the corresponding hero to participate in the game according to their own preferences. Each hero has its own skills to play football and Fighting, funny gameplay, full program effects.

This is not your standard football game. This is Guts And Goals. Football can be spiked. You use weapons instead of your feet to score goals.

Choose from more than 30 unique heroes and get ready to play games in the world like never before!

Guts And Goals Game Features:

Different ways of playing-each stadium has a unique way of playing football. Hide in the bushes, avoid the river or watch your steps on the ice rink.

Keep you alert-in each game, random mutants will change the way you play. Mutants can change everything from the ball you play to the entire game design in a few seconds.

No cards-each of the 30+ heroes has unique abilities that can greatly change the situation of the game. You can use these abilities to temporarily KO your opponent and give you a chance to score.

Play in your own way-Guts And Goals can be played online and offline, single player, cooperative game, multiplayer game and local couch cooperative game. Enjoy this lively football game the way you like!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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