Valkyrie: Journey To Midgard

Dragon Orb has been stolen from Asgard. Valkyrie has been sent down to Midgard to retrieve the lost treasure. The goddess must not only overcome fierce monsters, but also to face a dark conspiracy that will affect all of nine realms.

“Defeats fierce monsters, loots treasures while trying to survive in the dark dungeon”. In this hardcore RPG, you will play the role of a Valkyrie. She has traveled to Midgard to retrieve Dragon Orb-one of 4 greatest divine treasures. It will be a difficult adventure with countless monsters block her way and they are only getting stronger and stronger. To be able to survive, you will have to learn to adapt to the situation, customize your fighting style accordingly.

Valkyrie: Journey To Midgard Game Features:

-Hardcore RPG- Highly customizable fighting style.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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