Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home is a first-person zombie shooting game. The gameplay is similar to the road to survival. Players need to use guns and other weapons to fight through the sea of ​​zombies. There are more than 30 kinds of peculiar weapons in the game, all kinds of firearms, katana, baseball bats and so on. Players and teammates are all very cute girls, and their combat effectiveness is also very strong. They can assist players in a good offense on the battlefield. At the same time, you can unlock more costumes and let them fight in unique costumes. As the relationship with the heroines gets better, some hidden plots can also be triggered. In short, this is a shooting game that combines beautiful girls and zombies. Players who like it should not miss it.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Gameplay

♦In order to protect that cute girl, kill the hateful monster!

In this world turned into hell, build a Sweet Home with the heroines!

The graphics, the weight of the game, the game system, and the conventional one… all have been strengthened!

You can enjoy the zombie FPS full of violence and the post-apocalyptic zombie FPS beautiful girl game where you flirt with the warm love of girls at the same time!

♦A new life started in a world where everything is over.

Next, whether this world will become heaven or hell is up to you to decide…! ?

♦Obtain props and points in FPS-style battles!

Props are used for building new facilities, and points are used for purchasing new skills. Fight hard, earn props and points vigorously, and let yourself and the town grow!

♦Talk to the heroines at the base!

If you give gifts to the heroines, the relationship will get better and they will talk to you. If the relationship becomes close, they will definitely be extremely active in battle!

Once the heroine’s mind reaches its climax, there will be events that deepen the relationship and get closer.

That would be a great opportunity to get close to the girl you love!

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Character Introduction

Hikari Kondo
The bright and smiling leader of the bunch.
Physically and mentally fit, Her experiences as a track-and-field athlete have been the key to her survival.
She normally faces any challenge with a smile, but lately she appears distraught thinking about the past…

Aya Kagano
The discipline master of Home Town. The mature and reliable missus.
A former medical school student, she uses her cunning instinct and many talents to make Home Town a better place.
Trusted by her friends and colleagues, she fulfills many crucial roles in running Home Town.

Kirara Suzune
The popular face of the group.
wields a giant weapon capable of mowing down throngs of enemies with ease.
Beloved for her caustic in-your-face attitude, this girl doesn’t back down from anything or anyone.

Ichika Hazuki
The Mysterious sniper in a cat ear hoodie.
A girl who doesn’t open her heart to anyone and prefers fighting solo.
She rarely speaks except for when she’s threatening others with violence. Could she be hiding something…?

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Game Features

-All 8 levels with rich diversity

-Charming heroine of 4 people

-40 or more events with heroines

-4 levels of difficulty

-30+ unique weapons

-4 additional costumes

-More than 100 kinds of props

-7-stage or more facility expansion

-More than 50 skills

-15~30 hours of game time

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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