Zombie Killer Drift – Racing Survival

Zombie Killer Drift-Racing Survival is a game that combines zombies and racing. The world is full of zombies here, but it can’t stop everyone’s love for racing. Therefore, players can drive a variety of sports cars, off-road vehicles to race on the track, and make a variety of gorgeous car skills. If you encounter a zombie on the road, of course you ran over or ran into it. Zombie Zombies hinder you from completing difficult actions. Players have to crush the zombies with racing cars while enjoying the racing skills.

Zombie Killer Drift-Racing Survival Game Features:

-15 vehicles, including off-road vehicles, sports cars, etc. Always upgrade them every time you buy a new car

-16 levels available

-Big open world map

-Customization of each car

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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