Absolute Territory

Futuristic single-player mission-based space dogfighter with the familiar feeling of classic space sims. Fly a variety of search & destroy, assault, patrol, escort, and scan missions. Choose your ship, customize weapon loadout, manage power settings, and use directional thrusters like an elite pilot.

Absolute Territory VR Game Introduction:

Choose your ship from fast-moving to heavy-hitting types. Outfit with a variety of deadly weapons. Choose wisely for your mission objectives.

Engage in gripping dogfights with Newtonian physics with arcade forces for lightning-fast controls to pull off hair-raising maneuvers.

Distribute power across engines, shields, and guns for an advantage over your opponent or get yourself out of sticky situations.

Engage slide, match speed, and directional thruster mechanics to always keep your target in your gun sights. Use component targeting for de-teething large warships of defenses making them easy pickings.

Absolute Territory VR Game Features:

WW2 style space fighter dogfights in first and third-person views.

Single player campaign with 21 missions and 6 Imperial Hegemony space fighters to fly.

Choose weapon loadouts based on missions requirements.

Newtonian physics with arcade force values ​​balanced for fun.

Flight Computer for RCS to compensate for zero drag in space.

Circle strafe your opponents or perform epic slides.

Evade incoming weapon fire using manual thruster controls.

Create custom missions with an easy to use and robust Level Editor with access to all 11 Imperial Hegemony and Endophora space fighters, and a full arsenal of weaponry to choose.

Subscribe and play from a variety of player-made custom missions in the Steam Workshop.

Improve your combat skills against waves of increasingly difficult opponents.

Take the ultimate challenge of The Gauntlet.

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